Cemetery Lot Guidelines

No lot owner may sell his lot or any portion thereof privately. The Lexington Cemetery will repurchase this lot at the original purchase price less the current transfer fee, providing no interments have taken place.

The Cemetery will not recognize transfers of ownership by will unless duly notified.

The owner of each lot shall have the right of beautification of his own lot, but in order to achieve the best results, all plantings must be done with the permission of the manager and completed under management’s supervision. See landscaping guidelines.

The Lexington Cemetery disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control. This includes theft, vandalism, explosions, unavoidable accidents, acts of war or acts of God.

General Rules
It shall be the right and duty of the Directors, from time to time, to amend these policies as they deem necessary for the care of the Cemetery and the protection of the owners.

The above rules and regulations do not constitute all the rules and regulations of the Lexington Cemetery, but only those most pertinent to owners and visitors. Please contact our office should you have questions concerning our policies.