Interment, Entombment & Inurnment Guidelines

Interments, entombments and inurnments will be made by The Lexington Cemetery personnel only after obtaining: a) authorization of the owner of the Cemetery lot, mausoleum crypt or columbarium niche; b) authorization of the nearest relative of the deceased; and c) approval of the Cemetery management.

An interment is not permitted on any lot with an existing indebtedness.

Scattering of remains in the Cemetery is prohibited except in the designated Scattering Garden. All scattering must be supervised by cemetery personnel.

All remains entombed in the mausoleum must be embalmed.

Placement of two bodies or cremated remains in the same casket is permitted with written permission from the nearest relative of both deceased persons.

In addition to the normal interment fee, there is an administrative charge for entering the name of the second deceased person in the Cemetery records.

Two persons may be interred in any one grave space, provided both inscriptions appear on the memorial.

Double depth interments are permitted provided that: a) The Lexington Cemetery approves the vault to be used; and b) the double depth interment is determined at the time of the first interment.

The Cemetery reserves the right to refuse the interment where soil conditions prohibit an additional grave depth. In addition to the regular interment fee, a charge will be made for the extra depth required at the time of the first interment.

For interments, all bodies must be placed in a supportive container, which is rigid, complete with carrying handles and approved by The Lexington Cemetery.

Bronze is the only approved material for urns used in columbarium niches.

For mausoleum entombment, caskets cannot exceed 7'6" in length, 2'7" in width and 2'1" in height.

The Cemetery shall not be held responsible for any order authorizing an interment given by telephone. Neither will it be responsible for any mistake occurring because of inaccurate instructions.

General Rules
It shall be the right and duty of the Directors, from time to time, to amend these policies as they deem necessary for the care of the Cemetery and the protection of the owners.

The above rules and regulations do not constitute all the rules and regulations of the Lexington Cemetery, but only those most pertinent to owners and visitors. Please contact our office should you have questions concerning our policies.