Memorial Guidelines

Because of their durability, we recommend purchasing granite, marble or bronze monuments. Concrete, wood, artificial stone, composition, tin or iron memorials are not permitted.

Only one marker per grave space is permitted.

One central or family memorial per lot is permitted. The Cemetery determines the location of all memorials.

Markers may range in height from ground level to one foot above the grade of the lot. The minimum size of a marker is two feet long and one foot wide, except in Babyland.

The length of the monument base cannot exceed 60 percent of the width of the lot where the monument will be erected. The front face of a memorial cannot exceed 15 percent of the lot’s square footage.

No memorial can be erected on any Cemetery lot without the Cemetery's approval.

The Cemetery will install foundations for memorials. Therefore, the Cemetery is responsible for the foundation construction. Foundations are poured March through November. 

An endowment for the future care of a private mausoleum is required and must be paid to The Lexington Cemetery "Special Care Endowment Fund" prior to the erection of a mausoleum.

No memorial can be placed on any lot with existing indebtedness.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to exclude or remove any memorial or other structure considered offensive, improper, injurious or unsightly to the surrounding lots or grounds.

Lithochrome is not permitted.

General Rules
It shall be the right and duty of the Directors, from time to time, to amend these policies as they deem necessary for the care of the Cemetery and the protection of the owners.

The above rules and regulations do not constitute all the rules and regulations of the Lexington Cemetery, but only those most pertinent to owners and visitors.  Please contact our office should you have questions concerning our policies.