Lexington Cemetery Landscaping Guidelines

Flowerbeds planted in front of monuments or between aboveground markers are encouraged.

Fresh or live flowers are permitted and encouraged all year long.

Flowerbeds may extend one foot from the front and be as wide as the monument.

Flowerbeds are not allowed on lots which are restricted to flush memorials. Any plants placed on these lots will be removed by cemetery.

Flowerbeds should not extend past the monument's width.

Annuals are recommended for use in flowerbeds instead of perennials.

Flowerbeds must be kept neat and properly maintained.

Toys, shells, balloons, decorative stones and similar articles may not be left on Cemetery lots.

Benches, concrete pots, boxes and other such items may not be installed on lots.

Artificial decorations are acceptable from Thanksgiving until the last day of February. Any remaining on March 1 will be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery staff.

The use of American flags is allowed any time during the year, with the following restrictions:
-Maximum size 8"x12"
-Plastic or fabric material attached to a wood or plastic staff
-Staff height shall not exceed 30"
-All flags must be securely placed in the ground or flower arrangement
-If flag is in contact with ground, it will be removed as per instruction by accepted "Flag Etiquette"
-A maximum of two flags may be used per family lot, one per single grave and one flag per crypt or niche at our Mausoleums and Columbarium.

The Lexington Cemetery retains the right to remove any flag that is offensive or has become worn/weathered and unsightly.

Edging or curbing is not permitted around the flowerbeds.

Rock, stone, or bark mulch is not allowed for use in flowerbeds.

Trellises or fences may not be placed on lots. Shrubs may not be planted without permission from a Cemetery management representative.

Hangers, brackets and other materials used for hanging plants or flowers may not be used. Saddles are not recommended to be placed on your monument. They may cause damage.

The use of eternal flames or solar lights and similar artificial/flame lighting is prohibited.

The use of photographs and picture frames as grave decorations is prohibited.

Peat moss is the preferred mulch used on flowerbeds. Finely shredded mulch may be used.

Pots and baskets are to be placed on the ground close to the monument.

Grave decorations must consist only of approved materials: small flower pots, wreaths and in-ground plantings where allowed.  Plastic or terra cotta pots are preferred.

Shrubs may be removed at the lot owner’s expense if they become overgrown or unsightly. Consult the Cemetery staff if you want a shrub planted on your lot. They will determine what can be used in the available area and help with spacing.

Ivy may be planted on lots, but it must be cared for by Cemetery staff. There is an annual fee for this service.

The Cemetery must approve the cutting down or destruction of trees and shrubs situated on any lot.

The following are days the Cemetery will clean-up the grounds:
January 10 -- removal of Christmas related decorations, i.e. Christmas trees and similar items.
January 31 -- removal of Christmas wreaths.
March 1 -- Spring Clean-up
One Week after Easter -- Easter Clean-up
One Week after Memorial Day--Memorial Day Clean-up
Any decorations placed on a lot which do not conform to the Cemetery's policies will be removed.

General Rules
It shall be the right and duty of the Directors, from time to time, to amend these policies as they deem necessary for the care of the Cemetery and the protection of the owners.

The above rules and regulations do not constitute all the rules and regulations of the Lexington Cemetery, but only those most pertinent to owners and visitors.  Please contact our office should you have questions concerning our policies.