Professional Affiliations

Cremation Association of North America
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: 312-644-6610
Fax: 312-321-4098
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Founded in 1913, the Cremation Association of North America is an International organization of over 1200 members, composed of cemeterians, cremationists, funeral directors, industry suppliers and consultants. CANA members believe that cremation is preparation for Memorialization.

Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association
9500 Christo Court
Mobile, AL 36695
Phone (251) 634-3434
Fax (251) 634-3435

The Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association is a not-for-profit regional trade association whose mission is to meet the needs of its members through service and education focused on industry issues and legislation in the region, to promote ethical practices, and to provide leadership in the memorialization industry.

Kentucky Cemetery Association

The Kentucky Cemetery Association is a professional organization whose purpose is to promote fellowship among Cemetery Executives and Officials throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky; to create and maintain high ethical standards through education and training in the conduct of cemetery administration, to meet and discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas on subjects pertaining to cemetery development, operation and management for mutual benefit and protection.

International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICFA)

ICFA – International Cemetery and Funeral Association
ICFA Headquarters & Staff
1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 220
Reston, VA 20191
Toll-Free 1-800-645-7700
Phone (703) 391-8400
Fax (703) 391-8416

The International Cemetery and Funeral Association is the only international trade association representing the entire allied cemetery, funeral and memorialization industries. Founded in 1887 as the American Cemetery Association, the organization was created by cemetery owners and managers whose goal was to improve the appearance and operations of their properties. In 1996 the association changed its name to more accurately reflect its diverse membership, which includes many cemetery-funeral home combinations and related businesses. Today the ICFA is composed of more than 6,000 cemeteries, funeral homes, memorial designers, crematories and related businesses worldwide.