Cemetery Services & Products

Traditional Ground Burial
The Lexington Cemetery offers a variety of lot sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of residents. Lots are available throughout the Cemetery grounds. Most of the cemetery features sections where headstones are used to memorialize the deceased; however, new sections are available for people who prefer grass level markers.

The Lexington Mausoleum
The Lexington Mausoleum is a magnificent edifice of granite and marble featuring both the beauty of the outdoors and comforts of the indoors for year-round visitation. The mausoleum contains single and double crypts for entombment of caskets and a columbarium where urns containing cremated remains are inurned.

Private Mausoleums
Throughout The Lexington Cemetery, visitors can find many private family mausoleums. These are shrines to honor the individuals entombed within the structure. There are many beautiful sections in The Lexington Cemetery conducive to memorializing a family in a private mausoleum.

Cremation Services
To accommodate people who prefer cremation, The Lexington Cemetery expanded its cremation facilities to include a third cremation retort in 1997. It includes an informal chapel to offer comfort to family and friends during the cremation process, and as a place for families to fulfill their religious obligations.

Memorialization after Cremation
The Lexington Cemetery offers many memorialization options to help families choose what is right for them, including: Urn buried in family lot or placed in columbarium in The Lexington Mausoleum or Main Office Building, private mausoluem, niche bench or boulder or scattering in The Lexington Cemetery Scattering Gardens.

Planning in Advance
The Lexington Cemetery has professionals on staff trained to assist individuals and families to plan in advance arrangements that will best fit their needs and finances.

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