Cremation & Memorialization

The Lexington Crematory

More people are choosing cremation today than ever before. To accommodate the growing demand for cremation services, The Lexington Cemetery expanded its cremation facilities to include a third cremation retort in 1997. The Lexington Crematory is the only cremation facility in the Central Kentucky area servicing both Central and Eastern Kentucky. The Lexington Crematory has a chapel designed and decorated to offer comfort to family and friends during the cremation process, and as a place for families to fulfill their religious obligations.

Just as important as the funeral is a permanent place of memorialization. If no permanent memorial site is established, generations of survivors may experience regret that there is no focal point for remembrance.
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The Lexington Crematory Video
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Cremation Retort  Cremation Law
Cremation Chapel  Member of CANA
Scattering Garden  Cremation Boulders
Cremation Bench  

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