The Lexington Mausoleum

Located atop the highest point in the western section of The Lexington Cemetery, The Lexington Mausoleum opens onto a beautiful reflecting pool and fountain surrounded by ornamental plantings in the Memorial Plaza.

The Lexington Mausoleum is a magnificent edifice of granite and marble featuring both the beauty of the outdoors and comfort of the indoors for year-round visitation. When approaching the mausoleum from the winding driveway, you see the careful blending of the best imported Sardo grey granite crypt facings, complemented by impala black polished granite, and flanked by flowering plants and trees to provide a totally harmonious effect. 

Upon entering the carpeted interior of The Lexington Mausoleum, you'll notice the imported Perlato polished marble crypt facings, illuminated by skylights and chandeliers. Each crypt, whether inside or out, is clean, dry and away from the elements of the earth, and is constructed to endure through time. A chapel is available for private meditation, visitation and memorial services.

In addition, The Lexington Mausoleum contains a columbarium, a repository for urns containing cremated remains. The beauty of bronze and glass have been put to use in constructing these columbarium niches.

Lexington Mausoleum adds two niche rooms December 2009

In an effort to meet the growing need for cremation and memorialization services in Central Kentucky, The Lexington Cemetery completed Phase III of the Lexington Mausoleum. Two new niche rooms were completed January 2010. Each of the rooms contains 500 niches for placing one or two urns containing cremated remains.

When completed in 1982, The Lexington Mausoleum contained 660 crypts and 80 niches. In 1997, Phase II added 762 crypts and 140 niches. With the completion of Phase III, the Lexington Mausoleum now has a total of1,422 crypts and 1,220 niches.

Each room is approximately 20'x30' allowing it to be used as its fourth chapel on cemetery grounds, accommodating intimate family services. The new mausoleum niche rooms include both bronze and glass fronted niche covers. Each room is beautifully decorated and includes an glass art window.

 The Lexington Mausoleum will accommodate the entombment and memorialization needs of Lexingtonians for generations to come. Crypts may be purchased individually, in pairs or blocks for family arrangements. Enough land has been allocated to allow for future expansion of The Lexington Mausoleum.