1. What is cremation?

    1. Is it advisable to arrange for cremation in advance?

    1. How is a cremation service different from a traditional service?

    1. Is a casket required?

    1. How is cremation accomplished?

    1. Can a person wear jewelry during cremation?

    1. Will I still need to consult with a funeral director?

    1. Is embalming necessary?

    1. Are more people choosing cremation today?

    1. How do I tell my family that I want to be cremated?

    1. Are there any medical conditions that will hinder a person from being cremated?

    1. Isn't cremation an end in itself?

    1. What memorialization choices are available?

    1. Does my religion allow me to be cremated?

    1. Where can remains be scattered?

    1. How does the cost of cremation compare with burial or entombment?

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