American Basswood

Tilia Americana
(American Linden, Bee-tree)


This American basswood or linden has been recognized by the American Forestry Association as the largest of its kind in the United States. It is 101 feet in height, 18'7" in circumference and has a crown spread of 82.5" we don't know the age of this tree, but it has a growth rate of about a foot in height a year. Plant one of the pea-sized, gray-green seeds and watch it grow.

Another name of the basswood is the bee tree, because the tree hums with bees in the early summer. The fragrant, long branches of whitish flowers actually drip with nectar which bees love. The honey they make from this tree has a taste of mint. Also made from this tree are our yardsticks, toy airplanes, and strawberry baskets.