Dudley, Dr. Benjamin Winslow (1785-1870)

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Someone wrote about Dr. Benjamin Winslow, who was considered by many a hero of the 1833 cholera epidemic, "Our physicians are either dead or broken down, Dr. Dudley alone I believe has stood it through, and is still on the alert."  
Receiving his early education Lexington, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania medical department at the age of 19. In returning to Lexington, he was offered the Chair of the Anatomy and Pysiology Department at Transylvania University. Dudley performed over 200 lithotomies, an operation for the removal of bladder-stones, with only six fatalities, and was among the first neurosurgeons in the United States to work in trephining. This surgery involved making a circular incision in the skull to release pressure, which was believed to cause epilepsy. Dr. Dudley has an international reputation for his successful operations for bladder stone, and was a pioneer in cataract and brain surgery.  

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