Lexington Cemetery expands

Lexington Cemetery expands The Lexington Mausoleum to meet increased demand for cremation and memorialization
Thursday, September 10, 2009
CONTACT: Kim Wade, Public Relations Director

Lexington, KY—In an effort to meet the growing demand for cremation and memorialization services in Central Kentucky, The Lexington Cemetery has broken ground on Phase III of the Lexington Mausoleum.

Two new niche rooms are being built and each will contain 500 niches for placing one or two urns containing cremated remains. An art glass window will grace each beautifully decorated room and will include both glass and bronze fronted niche covers. The rooms can also serve as chapels for small family services, bring the total number of these intimate settings to four, on the cemetery grounds. The expansion is expected to be completed in the next few months.

“For families who choose memorialization after cremation, these niche rooms will offer a peaceful and comforting location in The Lexington Cemetery,” said Dan Scalf, President and General Manager. “Our expansion is designed so we can continue to meet the needs of the public as the cremation trend continues to grow.”

The Lexington Mausoleum is a magnificent edifice of granite and marble featuring both the beauty of the outdoors and comfort of the indoors for year-round visitation. When completed in 1982, The Lexington Mausoleum contained 660 crypts and 80 niches. In 1997, Phase II added 762 crypts and 140 niches. The current project will bring the total number of niche spaces to 1,220.

Preference for Cremation
“We are seeing an increased interest in cremation and memorialization although the preference for traditional ground burial remains strong,” Scalf said. “As more families relocate to this area, from across the nation and around the world, where cremation is the preferred disposition method, the demand increases. We strive to provide these needed services with impeccable care and state-of-the-art facilities.”

Other Memorialization Options
Those who choose to have cremated remains memorialization in The Lexington Mausoleum have the additional options of the columbarium niches located in the Victorian building near the main entrance, a niche bench, a niche boulder, burial in a traditional family lot or co-mingling in the Scattering Garden.

“A permanent location on cemetery grounds for cremated remains allows current family
and friends, along with future generations, a place where they may visit and commemorate the life of an individual,” said Mark Durbin, Assistant General Manager and an active member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).

“Research has shown that people who choose memorialization their loved ones are less likely to need counseling to help them through the grieving process,” Durbin said. “The Lexington Cemetery provides that permanent location for solace and reflection.”

Cremation on Lexington Cemetery grounds
The Lexington Crematory, with its three cremation chambers, is located on the Lexington Cemetery grounds. The facility also houses a chapel, designed and decorated, to offer comfort to family and friends during the cremation process and provide a viewing area, if desired, for families to fulfill their religious beliefs. The Lexington Crematory is state licensed and Cremation Association of North America (CANA) certified. The operators are trained and certified according to the law of Kentucky.

In Kentucky, state law requires that the body of the deceased must be removed from the place of death by a licensed funeral director for cremation. The Lexington Cemetery works with funeral directors in the same manner it would if the deceased were to be buried in a lot or entombed in a mausoleum on the grounds.

“The two independent agencies, working together in obtaining the proper credentials and legal documentation, insure the utmost care and handling of the deceased,” Scalf said. “This is an important for the family and provides checks and balances before the permanent process of cremation begins.”

History and Natural Beauty in The Lexington Cemetery
Organized as a non-profit organization to provide a well-maintained and permanent community memorial grounds, The Lexington Cemetery is a vital resource to the people of this area. It is a place where families can provide for the disposition of the remains of loved ones through ground burial, cremation, cremation memorialization or entombment in the mausoleum. Central Kentuckians also come to enjoy the three lakes with their peaceful fountains and the history and natural beauty of the nationally acclaimed 160 year old arboretum.