To accommodate people who prefer cremation, The Lexington Cemetery expanded its cremation facilities to include a third cremation retort in 1997. It includes an informal chapel to offer comfort to family and friends during the cremation process, and as a place for families to fulfill their religious obligations.

More about Cremation & Memorializtion
More about Cremation & Memorializtion

The Lexington Cemetery offers many memorialization options to help families choose what is right for them, including: Urn buried in family lot or placed in columbarium in The Lexington Mausoleum or Main Office Building, private mausoluem, niche bench or boulder or scattering in The Lexington Cemetery Scattering Gardens.

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Columbarium Niches

In response to the growing number of cremations conducted within Central Kentucky, The Lexington Cemetery has increased the number of columbarium niches for memorialization.

Columbarium niches can be found at The Lexington Mausoleum and in the lower level of the Main Office Building. In 2009, two new columbarium niche rooms were added to the Lexington Mausoleum providing additional niches and intimate chapel spaces for services.

Columbarium niches are available in glass, bronze or marble.

More about Columbarium Niches
More about Columbarium Niches

Scattering Garden

On The Lexington Cemetery grounds is a special garden for people interested in scattering the cremated remains of their loved one. There are bronze plaques which bear the names and dates of the individuals who are scattered within the garden.

Lake Columbarium

The Lexington Cemetery now offers columbarium niches in the peaceful setting overlooking the lower  lake.  This freestanding granite columbarium has six sides and 72 total niches.  Each niche has an interior and exterior door that can be personalized with your loved one’s information.

More about Columbarium Niches
More about Columbarium Niches

Cremation Boulder

Our cremation boulders provide a nature-like option to memorialize cremated remains. Cremation boulders come in unique designs resembling large rocks. These natural-looking monuments are positioned in the midst of the beauty of garden settings in the historic national arboretum.

Cremation Benches

For those who prefer a natural outdoor location as a permanent resting place, another option is a niche bench. The benches are aesthetically pleasing with locations available near lakes, gardens, surrounding trees or other areas in the beautifully landscaped cemetery.

Urn Burial

Urns are receptacles into which cremated remains are placed. The Lexington Cemetery offers many kinds of urns that vary in size, style and composition. Choice often depends on where the urn will eventually be located. Urns range in style from a simple square or rectangle, to a symbolic book shape, to a traditional Grecian design. They are composed of hand crafted cast bronze, sheet bronze, marble, cultured marble and pre-formed concrete for below ground placement. Some urns are multi-chambered to accommodate the remains of more than one person.

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