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The Lexington Cemetery has professionals on staff trained to assist individuals and families to plan in advance arrangements that will best fit their needs and finances.

Traditional Ground Burial

The Lexington Cemetery offers a variety of lot sizes to accommodate the diverse needs of residents. Lots are available throughout the Cemetery grounds. Most of the cemetery features sections where headstones are used to memorialize the deceased; however, new sections are available for people who prefer grass level markers.


Throughout the ages, from the Egyptian pyramids to the Taj Mahal, to America’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, many people have preferred the dignity, prestige and respect of above-ground entombment. Mausoleums provide the most complete and secure protection. Until recently, they have been available only to royalty, the rich and the famous. Now, people who can afford a traditional earth burial can afford entombment in a mausoleum.

Memorial Arbor

As a permanent part of The Lexington Cemetery, the living Memorial Arbor is located in the Main Flower Garden. It is beautifully designed with granite monoliths that accommodate bronze name plates. Inscribed on each plate is the name, date of birth and death of each individual. Beneath the Memorial Arbor is a bench where visitors can sit and meditate.


After Cremation

The Lexington Cemetery offers many memorialization options to help families choose what is right for them, including: Urn buried in family lot or placed in columbarium in The Lexington Mausoleum or Main Office Building, private mausoleum, niche bench or boulder or scattering in The Lexington Cemetery Scattering Gardens.

Financing Options

A 90-day same as cash financing program is available for at-need services when purchasing two or more burial spaces, mausoleum crypts or niches. An interest-free financing program is available for pre-arrangements for as little as a $100 down payment and agreement to pay the balance in 24 monthly payments. To receive a no-obligation inquiry, contact a cemetery representative. The staff at The Lexington Cemetery are trained and experienced in assisting individuals and families with planning the arrangements that will best fit their needs and finances. Employees are salaried and do not work for commissions. Individuals will not at any time be pressured or influenced to make a decision.

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