Memorial Arbor

As long as humans have lived and loved, they have established memorials to honor the memory of those closest to them.

The beauty of a memorial is that it provides a way for families to keep the memory of their loved one alive…so future generations can know about the unique individual who contributed to human life on this earth.

Regardless whether the deceased was cremated and their remains were scattered according to their wishes or they were buried in a place too far away to visit, you can memorialize the life and memory of your loved one in the living beauty of the Memorial Arbor in The Lexington Cemetery. The Memorial Arbor provides families with an affordable place close to home to remember and reflect.

Visitors from all fifty states and many foreign lands make pilgrimages to The Lexington Cemetery each year to find their roots and heritage. All visitors enjoy four seasons provided by mother nature annually and enjoy a place to remember life as their loved one lived each year. The natural beauty of plantings, flowers and trees is ever changing as are the colorful birds with their cheerful chirping. Some visitors feel a sense of serene calm…while others are energized by the powerful forces of nature and life when they visit The Lexington Cemetery.

As a permanent part of The Lexington Cemetery, the living Memorial Arbor is located in the Main Flower Garden. It is beautifully designed with granite monoliths that accommodate bronze name plates. Inscribed on each plate is the name, date of birth and death of each individual. Beneath the Memorial Arbor is a bench where visitors can sit and meditate.

To learn how you can memorialize the life of a loved one in the Memorial Arbor, contact us.

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