Endowment Funds

Perpetual Care Endowment Fund

The Lexington Cemetery reserves 60 percent of the purchase price of each lot sold — compared to the 20 percent that is required by law — and places it in a perpetual care endowment fund. The income earned from the endowment fund provides money for the scrupulous maintenance of the beautiful landscaping that is synonymous with The Lexington Cemetery. The general maintenance provided by the Cemetery as perpetual care includes grass mowing, removal of fallen trees, general landscaping and leaf removal, as well as a perpetual record system of lot owners and burials. A Personal Endowment Fund can be established for additional services not provided under perpetual care. The Lexington Cemetery’s perpetual care endowment funds have grown to more than $80 million.

Personal Endowment Fund

Personal endowments are funds set aside for the specific purpose of providing special attention to your gravesite without burden to your family or friends. It is similar to the Cemetery’s perpetual care endowment fund. The Cemetery will invest your funds and use the income generated by those funds to provide special attention to your lot. Personal endowments may be established in advance for your own gravesite or for an existing grave of a relative.

To establish a personal endowment, you simply select the services you would like to purchase. Some of the services available through a personal endowment fund include ivy plantings, special turf care, evergreen plantings, landscaping, memorial care and cleaning. Seasonal decorations are available through an endowment fund including: Christmas wreaths, Easter lilies, Memorial Day baskets, annual flower beds, Mother’s and Father’s Day remembrances, personal holiday remembrances and spring bulbs.

The price of these services will determine the amount needed to generate enough income to provide for your personal requests. You may establish a personal endowment now or through your will.

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