Lexington Crematory

The Lexington Cemetery has a crematory with 3 chambers located on the grounds. The facility houses a chapel to offer comfort to family and friends during the cremation process. The Lexington Crematory is state licensed and CANA certified.

The operators are trained and certified according to the law of Kentucky. In Kentucky, state law requires that the body of the deceased must be removed from the place of death by a licensed funeral director for cremation. The Lexington Cemetery works with funeral directors in the same manner it would if the deceased were to be buried in a lot or entombed in a mausoleum on the grounds.

“The two independent agencies, working together in obtaining the proper credentials and legal documentation, insure the utmost care and handling of the deceased,” Scalf said. “This is an important for the family and provides checks and balances before the permanent process of cremation begins.”

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